Aigis (former Localized ver.)
Aigis (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork)
Name Unknown Unit Number
Gender Female
Persona (Arcana) Palladion < Pallas Athena (Fool, formerly Chariot)
Weapon/Power Anti-Shadow Firearms
Series Persona
First Appearance Persona 3
First Fighting Game Debut Persona 4 Arena
Japanese Voice Maaya Sakamoto
English Voice Karen Strassman
Company Atlus
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Aegis (pronounced “Aigis”, which was also her former localized text name) (The Heartless Armed Angel) is one of the two main protagonists alongside the ”Blue-Haired Boy” (officially named Makoto Yūki in mostly recent voice acting-related medias since anime) in Persona 3 and the sole main protagonist in the sequel Persona 3 FES after his death at the end of the original 3rd game. She’s one of the playable characters in the fighting games Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

She returns in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle as one of the Season 1’s DLC playable characters.


Aegis is a 7th Generation Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon, an android designed to hunt and eliminate Shadows, and the only active model of her kind still active. Her Unit number is unknown. In 1999, she was activated to eliminate the appraiser of Nyx, the personification of Death itself who would descend on humanity and wipe it out. However, as she was unable to fulfill her task, she instead sealed the appraiser's Arcana of Death within a young blue haired boy named Makoto Yūki, who was the sole survivor of a car crash which killed his parents. Upon her reactivation a decade later in a phenomenal event known as Dark Hour, she joined S.E.E.S., a group of Persona users from Gekkoukan High School led by Mitsuru Kirijo, who have dedicated themselves to hunting down Shadows. The very same blue haired boy she used to seal Nyx, Makoto was also a member of this group, and his sacrifice to seal Nyx away inspired Aigis to continue her work as a member of the Shadow Operatives, a Persona black ops division that investigates Shadow-related phenomenon. At some point in the end of FES, she merge with her lost half known as Metis, and finally fulfill her desire to obtain her own human emotions.

Trivia Edit

  • Aegis is the only Persona 3 character to physically appear in the initial storyline of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.
    • Ironically, she did not appear physically on her home series’ Episode of the storyline. Instead, she is only being mentioned by Yosuke, who is unaware alongside his other fellow Investigation Team members that she too got involved in the “Cross Tag tournament” instead of having her fellow Operative members dragged along with her.
  • Her along with Yu Narukami‘s Arena remix theme still not have ”in Mayonaka Arena” (which is mainly for Eastern/Japanese version) replaced with simply as “Arena ver.” on their BGM name in Western version.
    • Also like Jubei Mitsuyoshi (prior recent patch for the latter), Aegis’ theme name also has misspelled text name, such as being Heartfull Cry instead of original Heartful Cry text.</span>
  • Aegis has color palettes of the following characters: her sister Labrys, Nu-13, Metis (Persona 3), Vatista, and Penny Polendina (RWBY).
    • Athena has color palettes of the following characters: Labrys, Nu-13, Psyche (Persona 3), Hyde Kido, and Ruby Rose.
  • Unlike her previous localized appearances, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is the first game where her text name remained in her original Japanese one, “Aegis” globally no matter what voice, region and subtitle languages the players chose, rather than having change her text name to her old localized Western one, “Aigis” while in certain Western language options.
    • Originally, the developer wants to have English announcer pronounce “Eijis” when setting the language options in Japanese, until this was later unused to get her corrected globalized pronunciation, “Aigis”.

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