Linne (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork)
Name Linne
Gender Female
EXS Speed Star
Weapon/Power No Name & Nameless
Series Under Night In-Birth
First Appearance Under Night In-Birth
First Fighting Game Debut Under Night In-Birth
Japanese Voice Ayane Sakura
English Voice TBA
Company French Bread
Overview Gameplay

Linne (Princess of Reincarnation, or more commonly the Princess of Night Blade), is the main heroine of Under Night In-Birth and its updates. She returns in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle as a playable character.


The princess of the Yato Clan and leader of the Night Blade, an organization which keeps order during the Hollow Night. Despite looking like a young girl, Linne has been alive for more than a hundred years; the Night Blade conducted experiments on her and her brother Kuon, allowing them to transfer their consciousness into a new body upon death and technically making them immortal. This caused a fracture within the organization which nearly reduced it to ruin, leading to her leading the the new smaller modern-day incarnation. She saved Hyde from the In-Births due to his EXS Ability being capable of ending her life and thus preventing her from continuing to possess more host bodies and ruining their lives, but not before training him to stop the Hollow Nights and discover Kuon's mysterious intentions.

Linne possesses the EXS of Agility, Speed Star - increasing her mobility and allowing her to blitz opponents from any direction. To do so, she keeps a light loadout, only wielding two weapons in battle: a longsword named No Name, and a dagger named Nameless.

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