Yu Narukami
Yu Narukami (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork)
Name Yu Narukami
Gender Male
Persona (Arcana) Izanagi (no Okami) (Fool)
Weapon/Power Katana
Series Persona
First Appearance Persona 4
First Fighting Game Debut Persona 4 Arena
Japanese Voice Daisuke Namikawa
English Voice Johnny Yong Bosch
Company Atlus
Overview Gameplay

Yu Narukami (The Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel) is the main protagonist in Persona 4, the 4th main installment in the Persona series. He's one of the playable characters and main character in it's fighting game sequels Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. He returns in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle as a playable character and as one of the four main protagonists.


The leader of the Investigation Team, a group of Persona users from Yasogami High investigating the mysterious kidnappings and murders around their town. In 2011, he transferred to Inaba to live with relatives while studying. Through his friends, he learned about the Midnight Channel, a rumor stating that those who stare into a blank TV at midnight while it is raining will see the face of their soulmate. He soon awakened to a special power, allowing him to enter a dimension inside the TV and fight creatures called Shadows using his Persona, a manifestation of his inner self. When Midnight Channel-related kidnappings struck Inaba, he formed the Investigation Team to prevent more from occurring.

Alongside the use of a simple katana, Yu utilizes the powers of his multiple Personas, a unique trait attributed to him being a Wild Card. His main Persona is Izanagi of the Fool Arcana; based on one of the deities responsible for Japan's creation, it gives him access to different attacks imbued with the power of electricity.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle